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Due to global warming, summer is getting hotter and hotter, and people rely more and more on air conditioning. In life, we will find that the air conditioner will produce peculiar smell if it is not used for a period of time. Today, Xiaobian will talk about the causes and treatment methods of the peculiar smell of the air conditioner. Interested friends, come and understand it!

Causes of peculiar smell of air conditioner:

1. If the air conditioner operates for a long time, certain dust will be squeezed inside the filter screen and copper plate of the air conditioner, and dust will accumulate between the fins of the heat exchanger, which will cause blockage after accumulating to a certain amount; A certain peculiar smell will be generated. As the air conditioner is turned on, the peculiar smell from the air outlet of the air conditioner will float into the air.

2. After the air conditioner is cooled hot, in many cases, there will be moisture in the interior of the indoor unit. Therefore, when the air conditioner is turned off, the air conditioner without drying and mildew prevention function will shut down immediately. In this way, the internal moisture will always exist, mold will be produced in the long run, and the mildew smell will naturally occur.

3. The air conditioner that has not been used for a long time will also produce peculiar smell when it is started, because the condensate trapped on the heat exchange coil, fin and its surrounding components evaporates slowly, forming a high temperature condition suitable for microbial reproduction around the coil. A large amount of gas generated during microbial reproduction will be released under the drive of the air conditioning system and become the source of odor.

4. Some non high efficiency filter systems at the air supply end, such as computer room, hotel room, etc., although the indoor decoration is good, and the fresh air and air conditioning air supply are filtered, dust can still be found near some indoor air supply outlets and on the windowsill surface, and a layer of dust can also be adhered to the surface of internal components. It is believed that a large amount of dust brought by fresh air and accumulated in these places not only carries microorganisms, but also provides indispensable nutritional conditions for microbial reproduction, resulting in peculiar smell of air conditioning.

5. if you smoke, perfume or make up in the air-conditioned room, the room's air conditioner will be adsorbed on evaporator or filter line through a long cycle of air conditioner evaporator (indoor). After a long time, the air conditioner will have a strange smell when it starts to start, so the air-conditioned room should be kept clean.

Treatment of air conditioning odor:

1. Whether it is used frequently or occasionally, the air conditioner should be cleaned regularly. You can buy a special air conditioner cleaner. Open the inner shell and remove the filter screen to see the evaporator with metal fins. Spray evenly into the evaporator in the state of power failure. Wait for 15 minutes to start the air conditioner, and the dirty things will go with the condensed water to easily remove the peculiar smell.

2. In the process of cleaning the air conditioner, it is not enough to only clean the filter screen, because the filter screen only filters part of the dust, and there will still be a lot of dust, mites, pollen and mold accumulated on the heat sink through the filter screen! And accumulated a large number of bacteria. Cleaning and disinfection of heat sink is the key. We can clean the air conditioner one more step at a time, clean the filter screen and clean and disinfect the air conditioner heat sink at the same time, so as to effectively inhibit the breeding of bacteria in the heat sink, bring pollution to the indoor air and truly remove the peculiar smell.

3. The air conditioner should be disinfected once a month. Every year, the air conditioner should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before its first startup in the season of changing seasons. However, in the months with frequent use of air conditioner, such as summer, because people may stay in the air conditioner room for a long time, the indoor air quality directly affects our health, so it is necessary to clean the air conditioner regularly.

While the air conditioner provides a convenient and comfortable environment for our life, we should also frequently maintain the air conditioner and prolong its service life. After the air conditioner is properly cleaned, we don't have to worry about smelling peculiar smell any more. We enjoy a cool and comfortable summer.

Cleaning method of air conditioner:

Cleaning tools: air conditioner cleaning machine, toolbox, steam spray cleaning machine, watering can, scraper, fin comb, lighting lamp, shovel, rag, sewage bag and safety belt

Cleaning agent: special cleaning agent for air conditioner, foam cleaner, crust cleaner, purified water.

1. Check whether the air conditioner operates normally before cleaning, and then turn off the power.

2. Remove the shell and panel of the air conditioner according to the instructions and take out the filter screen.

3. Wet the position to be cleaned with a 5L watering can in order to foam more.

4. Spray the air conditioner cleaning agent on the cleaned fan wing with a spray can and allow it to react for 5-8 minutes, so as to completely penetrate, decompose and eliminate the fin gap and surface

5. scraping the foam on the surface of the fins with scraps, unclean and deformed fins can be cleaned with finned comb.

6. Use steam spray cleaning machine to sterilize, disinfect and decompose oil stains on the cleaned fins at high temperature.

7. Clean the cleaned heat sink with clean water with air conditioner cleaning machine.

8. Clean the filter screen and replace the panel.

9. Install the casing and panel, install the air conditioner back to the original installation position, and start up and run for 20 minutes for inspection and acceptance.

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